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  • Dear John

    Mr. Mara, I heard today you left before the end of the game.. Some, like you, did likewise. Some, like Landon Collins, never showed up at the stadium in the first place.

    The rest of us stayed in our seats, in the cold, and the wet, and the rain and the suck, from the weather, and the team, or we stayed at home and watched till the bitter end. They say football is a wargame, and we know, as Clausewitz says, war is a battle of wills, and is won by destroying the other teams will to fight. As we question the will of the team,after we witnessed todays lay down, we ask, Mr. Mara, where is your will to fight?

    The fans stay, and suffer through the absolute rubbish you've served up, but you get to go home because the meal gave you indigestion? Didn't sit well, did it? Made you sick to your stomach, did it? Don't have the belly for it? Yet you expect players to keep on playing because they're professionals and want to hope the fans keep showing up out of loyalty? Leaving is a Poor way to show it to your own brand.

    YOU made the party, It's YOUR catering hall, YOU hired the chef and the staff, YOU shopped for the ingredients and paid for them, YOU invited everyone promising a grand ole time and charged a hell of a lot for admission. And you walk out? No sir, that's not how it's done. it's impolite, and it's impolitic. In fact it's downright rude, almost as rude as the performance the rest of your organization put on today. You bought it, you paid for it, so YOU sit through it like the rest of us did. Sad to think the fans might have more loyalty than the owners. If it made you sick and gave you the runs and you had to head for the toilet, I suggest you put a little more thought, effort and pride into your planning before you serve the next meal, and worry more about the finished product you put out and less about preserving the continuity of the catering hall operations. Noone needs to go eat lousy food, and noone goes to a place that serves bad food because the head chef thinks it's convenient for him the way things are run and won't change ' because we've always done it that way." No one is paying for that, or returning to that establishment.

    A chef should taste his own food, and if it's lousy he starts over, he doesn't get to go home and leave it for someone else. Is Tisch running the operation now? Should we turn to him to redress our grievances?

    Not all the bad drafts, or crappy plays, or poor coaching decisions or self centered narcissistic players who wont stand for their own anthem are as much of a turn off, make me question my own loyalty to the franchise as much as seeing an owner walk out who doesn't have the belly to see to the end that which he begat.

    You want to fix what's wrong? You want fan loyalty? You expect others to watch this trash? Then watch it yourself, till the bitter end, and truly SEE with your own eyes, what is wrong, in detail, so you don't have to wonder or guess anymore..The rest of us can see it.

    The captain isn't supposed to be first into the lifeboats. Be a man. What would your father say?

    The real fans are going down with the ship

    Thank you for your time, Mr. Mara, and have a nice day.
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    someone should put this on his desk


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      You should mail him this letter. It was well known that Wellington replied to letters from fans, not sure if John is the same way.
      Point is, Mara is the man who hired McAdoo, kept Reese two years to long. Should have been a clean sweep when Coughlin was shown the door.
      Mara finger prints are all over this mess, he’s the co owner and the man who has final say in all the football operations. And he’s the one who has to take responsibility and do what is right with this franchise. Yesterday’s game was an embarrassment on many levels, players down right quit, coaches have no answers to the burning questions. What’s wrong with this team? The injury excuse is exactly what it is an excuse. Their is a deep problem with this team and it has to be cut out. The season is a lost, now they’’re only playing for pride, and after yesterday’s game that went out the window.
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        Is it a decent letter?