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  • McAdoo Vegas odds
    "Sir, I was wondering: did you happen to catch the professional football contest on television last night?"
    "No...I didn't."
    "Oh it was most exhilarating: the Giants of NY took on the Packers of Green Bay and in the end the Giants triumphed by kicking an oblong ball made of pigskin through a big H. It was a most ripping victory."

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    The Ram game I think sealed it for him.
    The worst thing to call a player on the professional level is quitter and that's what happened Sunday. Players down right quit on McAdoo, and that alone deserves the man to get fired.


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      Knowing the Giants history, I would bet against him getting fired.
      "Three things can happen when you throw the ball, and two of them are bad." Darrell Royal


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        Only one option for me, bet $100 he stays. I'd rather lose my money but at least if he's still here I'll have won enough to pay my bar tab for the first two gamrs so I don't remember them.