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OV has an Eagles jersey in his locker?

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    Originally posted by CruzSoldier View Post

    I hope they don't sign Pugh that would be a big mistake he's not an elite guard if i'm going to sign a guard to a contact like that i'm signing Gabe Jackson over him.
    I would too, but the Raiders might be franchising him from what I've heard.
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      Have any of you guys ever seen Eli, Brady, Rodgers, Ben or Brees etc exchange jerseys?
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        You expected an American flag, instead?


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          I don't see a problem here, now we are complaining about the clothes they own? These guys have very short careers, they exchange jersey's at the end of the game as a sign of respect for each other. I think it is pretty cool actually. At the end of their career's they will be able to hang up all the one's they collected as a remembrance of some of the other great players they competed against. Imagine being a grand child of one of these players and hearing the story about each player whose jersey grandpa hung on the wall.

          I know OV isn't too popular around here right now, and I'll give him a hard time about telling the fans to stay home (because I think that is dumb), but this is looking for stuff to pile on the guy about. These players do not have the attachment to the teams that the fans do and they shouldn't. The teams do not show any loyalty to them as a whole, why should it be returned?