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Why Can't These Beat Clowns Report The Truth?

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  • Why Can't These Beat Clowns Report The Truth?

    I'm sick of these beat writers coming out every other day with a BS article about who the next lock is for coach. Why can't these guys just report the truth....that they truly don't's okay if you don't's okay.......that's the exciting part as a fan.....that's what I want to hear about......the facts thus far, the potential guys, who they've interviewed, who they plan on interviewing....instead these drips release pure garbage on a daily basis claiming SOURCES CLOSE TO THE ORGANIZATION SAY.....just to get a byline I mean it's gotten to the point where Onion articles are more credible than the dribble they sling (Daily News, The Post, ESPN, etc.). Just report the actual news we don't need your opinions or "locks"....the facts just the facts mam. Sad state of journalism these days where you have to sift through some much **** to get snippets of the truth. There's really not one among them that's worth their salt.

    Just had to vent.....

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    Journalism is truly dead, its an absolute joke these days. They'll use "anonymous sources" which is really the voices in their own head just give their opinion on something and make it sounded validated. #FAKENEWS

    We should do a thread and give out Fake News awards to the beat writers lol