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Manning Fraud trial starts today with Jury selection on Monday...

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    Originally posted by JoeBigBlue View Post
    I heard airmen Cecil O'Malley and Anthony Rodriguez were flown in from Andrews today.
    LOL, ELI WANTS the TRUTH but some here 'Can't handle the truth"!


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      Just read on ESPN the case has been settled.
      Engage brain before speaking.


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        Teflon Eli
        Long Live the King


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          Originally posted by Helmet View Post

          To me, it means one of two things:
          - The Skibas have legitimate dirt on Eli and/or and others in the organization and they were just following orders
          - John Mara once again exercised poor judgment as president of this football team. If Eli's innocent... and your ball boys ran a scheme to sell game worn merchandise against company policy and then threatened to throw the face of your franchise under the bus... you can their *****!!! Man...
          I've got a feeling Skiba got paid out on this from the collector who made all the money on the settlement


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            Originally posted by G1.. View Post
            This surprise's me.Eli's camp seems to want this trial ,to me that would be a bad omen for the other guy.I honestly have no idea how these things work but it seems this guy(not Eli) has been in trouble for this stuff before.I look at it like this,it has been on going for a few years now and had Eli been wrong he would have settled this's the way the Mannings do business,this surprise's me.

            Seems I was correct.