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Bin Laden dead

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    [quote user="Kase-1"][quote user="SEC105"][quote user="gmen46"][quote user="SEC105"]

    [quote user="gmen46"][quote user="Giantstepz"]I happen to be from Missouri - the "show me" state . Why would they claim to have killed Bin Laden, then taken the body to be "buried at sea", "according to his wishes"? Does he deserve his wishes to be honored? And what is this "Muslim tradition" that for some reason needed to be adhered to? Did that have something to do with burying the first day before midnight passed? It all seems rather convenient to me Sort of like a deal was struck to "pretend to be dead" and we'll let you live in peace. I could be wrong but I just find it odd that there is only a supposed DNA test to confirm his identity.
    *If* Jesus arrived for the Second Coming* and literally nobody saw him, does that convince anybody?
    [/quote] He was buried at sea--location undisclosed--so there will be no grave site serving as an excuse for pilgrimages by terrorists that would further enhance bin Laden as a martyr. He was buried with Muslim tradition so it wouldn't look like the US was pissing on Islam in general. There are over 1 billion Muslims all over the world, most of whom despise what has been done in their name by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Are you really so intent on pissing off all 1 billion of them? It has nothing whatsoever to do with honoring any wishes on the part pf bin Laden. Are you really that paranoid? And delusional? You don't believe the DNA test that's reported. Evidently, you don't believe the reports of the CIA and of the US Military, But you believe a fantasy concocted in your head, about a secret "deal" between the US government and bin Laden for him to "pretend to be dead". Isn't it about time for your tin foil hat to be replaced with a fresh one? too many holes in the one you're currently wearing.[/quote]</p>

    Good post.....and for the record** OBL and his followers have murdered so many over the last 2 decades.........around 85% of those killed were of the Muslim Faith....So even in taking him out , we still did right as to holding to their beliefs in what to do with him after he was to not disrespect Islam</p>

    oh*** on the "tin foil hat" comment</p>

    [/quote] Glad you point out that stat about al Qaeda killing more--many more--Muslims than "infidels". I've read that also. We (understandably, to a large extent) overlook or are unaware of the fact that what's been going on over centuries, actually, but recently in a more intense way that has spilled over into our society and lives, is a civil war within Islam. There is a real war being waged between the violent-minded extremists such as the Taliban, and main stream Muslims. A war to win hearts and minds of the other side. And we (all Anglo-Europeans, but Americans most especially) are simultaneously both direct strategic targets and collateral damage in this war.[/quote]</p>

    Yes we are targets.....and some need to be reminded of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. These extremists have a one track mind in destroying all "infidels". Lets just hope the main stream Muslims [the majority] can rid themselves of these lunatics in the decades to come......till then , and that day may be far off ,*we just have to be vigliant and keep the heat on those who wish us harm.</p>

    No country is safe from the radicals as the world has come to find out painfully</p>[/quote]All of my Muslim friends that I spoke to bout this didnt want us to abide by the Muslim tradition of burying them withing 24hrs of death. They pretty much wanted him strung up in Times Square for everyone to disgrace his body... Then again, a few of them are in the armed forces, LOL

    But regular Muslims DESPISE this guy, he got the Muslim faith associated with such heinous acts of* violence against innocent people

    Im glad this POS is dead

    Do you not remember the beheadings of U.N. members after the burning of the Q'uran during the beginning of April? Very smart on this administrative's part to try and not let the situation get to that point.