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Thoghts on Wayne and Hillis

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  • Thoghts on Wayne and Hillis

    In an 8 man league. Reggie Wayne is available in a 2rb 3wr no flex standard scoring format.

    I have my starters as Hakeem Nicks, Julio Jones and Vincent Jackson
    on my bench I have Stevie Johnson and Piere Garcon.

    So should I drop Stevie or Garcon or even Jackson for Wayne?

    Also on the running back front Peyton Hillis is available but I have Ray Rice, Dough Martin, Jamal Charles, and Bradshaw.
    Is Hillis better than any of the WR's or RB's I own?

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    I'd drop Stevie Johnson for Hillis, so you can handcuff him with Charles. Bradshaw is scary to own with his injury history, but you can't cut him. Wayne will be good, and if you really want him, and have a strong feeling about him, maybe get rid of Jackson. I'm thinking Jackson will be a huge disappointment. Don't force the issue though. I would definitely take Hillis, and Stevie J has his little groin issue, that might linger. I love Doug Martin this year though. He's gonna be good. Check to see if you can get Bradshaw's cuff in Wilson, he's available in a lot of leagues but is getting picked up quick.
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      Thanks for the advice!

      I'm going to drop Johnson for Hillis. And yes David Wilson is available. Argh! what to do. I 'll have way too many RB's if I do.

      I'm hoping that he will go under the radar enough where I can pick him up in the event that Bradshaw gets hurt. But the way he is playing and the speed he is showing that will be hard.


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        Scratch that, just realized you only start two RBs, and have no flex. Who's your QB?
        My body was sculpted to the proportions of Michelangelo's David.


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          Scratch bringing in Hillis or David Wilson?

          For reference here is my team
          QB: Cam, Josh Freeman
          RB: Rice, D. Martin, J. Charles, Bradshaw
          WR: Nicks, J. Jones, V. Jackson, P. Garcon, S. Johnson
          TE: J. Graham, J. Finley
          K: M. Nugent
          D: Da Bears!

          David Wilson, P. Hillis and Reggie Wayne
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            umm how is reggie wayne available in your league, he has luck who has shown nothing but greatness so far, absolutely pick him up, dont drop garcon though i think hes going to have a huge season with rgIII. and hillis def gonna have a big season with charles, i have him and hillis in my league, probably going to be one of the best running tandems this year besides wilson and bradshaw baby hahahah..lets go gmen and kibbles n vick my fantasy team lol