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Need a replacement for Nicks

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  • Need a replacement for Nicks

    Hopefully only for this week. Should I even bother picking up Barden, or Randle... or do I go with Randel Cobb, my next best option at wr. Opinions??? I wish I knew who would start for sure, because I think Eli gets the ball to whoever plays in Nicks's spot.

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    Hixon is out, too, remember. This should mean both Barden and Randle take the field. I like Randle to receive a few deep shots.

    Who else is available?


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      LaFell if he's available.
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        Thanks. LaFell was taken a while ago in this league. Seems like all starters are gone. I have Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, and NIcks... should be set. Until someone gets hurt. So today I am kicking around dropping Cobb- My # 4 wr to pick up Randle or Barden. I know they will both play. Anyone have an idea which guy plays in HIxon's spot and which in Nicks?


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          Who did you end up playing? I hope it wasn't my Randle reach haha.