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Thinking about dropping David Wilson

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  • Thinking about dropping David Wilson

    I picked him up in the late rounds of all of my drafts hoping that he might eventually take the reigns from Bradshaw this season. However, it seems as though his pass blocking abilities are not up to par and we all know how TC values pass blocking from RBs.

    I also have Bradshaw in 95% of my leagues, and so I was forced to pick up Andre Brown where I could (a decision I do not regret)

    Now with the emergence of Brown I have three Giants RBs and I need to drop one because that is just too much bench space for one backfield committee. Unfortunately, I think it has to be Wilson. I do not want to do this because he has the potential to be a home run hitter, but I do not think he is as NFL ready as many thought he would be being a 1st round pick.

    Does anyone see him getting over 10 carries at any point in the season if Brown and Bradshaw stay healthy? I do not, and I think they will use him similarly to how we used Bradshaw in '08 with Ward and Jacobs getting the bulk of the carries.


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    I would. Chances are he sits out there where you can pick him up again late in the season. Any Giants fans in your league?


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      Yeah I dropped him for Ryan Williams.

      A couple Giants fans, but I doubt anyone will be reaching for him.

      Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner


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        Done deal hes dropped. I got him in the last few rounds because I thought he was #2. Bradshaw will never last a whole year.
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          I picked up Wilson in a keeper league... thats about all the pick was good for...going foward.
          Unless something drastic happens, Wilson's the 3rd Back.
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