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I just won a massive upset

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  • I just won a massive upset

    My opponent has the most OP team ever... Peyton Manning, AJ Green, and Adrian Peterson. Yes, Peyton was on bye, but he started Jason Campbell, who put up Peyton-esque numbers against Baltimore... And yet somehow, I won.


    Mike freaking James.

    I've largely been reduced to starting backups in fantasy due to injury, and it's awesome when one breaks out in relief of an injured starter. After losing Julio, I got some decent production out of Harry Douglas. And now James has given me more than Martin, my first round pick, all season.

    So how was that enough to beat this guy?

    Simple: I traded Knowshon to him.

    Very counter-intuitive, but since my fantasy season has been sunk since week 7 when I lost most of what was left of my roster to injury, I decided I wanted to play spoiler to the undefeated team. I knew I faced him in week 9's bye, so I made the trade of what would be the best RB2 in the league on his roster for a good chunk of depth, and eventually after some other trades, found myself in posession of Danny Woodhead, Kendall Wright, and the aforementioned James. Meanwhile he was forced to start Josh Gordon and Willis McGahee this week.

    I know I have zero shot at winning the championship now (whereas with knowshon I at least had a tiny ray of hope), but the fact is, I REALLY enjoy playing spoiler to a formerly undefeated team. There's just this awesome feeling you get when you show the world that some "legend" really isn't invincible. Like the Giants in 2007... except this time it wasn't just cheering for a team, I actually did it myself...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    It's always fun to win a fantasy matchup vs. a powerhouse with no-name players. A lot of young RBs are emerging while the old fantasy blue chips are starting to fade away.

    I picked up Mike James when Martin got hurt and started him last week after watching what Zac Stacy did to the Seattle defense. To think he was a 5th rounder...

    I was laughed at when I drafted my team because I drafted running backs toward the end which is a fantasy no-no. I haven't lost in 5 weeks and sitting in 1st after picking up Stacy, James, and Ivory who is no emerging. Stacy got me 31 and James, Ivory got me 20-25 last week.
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      In my league, the 1-7 last place team beat the 6-2 first place team by 50+ points. Anything can happen.