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  • Fantasy Football: player list *as per

    I printed up's FF list, it was mixed and mashed up so I used excel 2010 to create an organized list of players and positions.

    *disclaimer: it's a comprehensive list although some Defenses and TE's weren't included (probably due to the writers laziness?) This is theTOP 200 Fantasy players. Eric Decker is listed N/A though was noted as visiting the titans. my spreadsheet version sits at 1.1.5. I've added a notes section and some space for other players to be added. Listed is the only top 6 defenses

    But it does have those we know for certain who will play and has been adjusted for F/A. It doesn't cover EVERY player but you can add/subtract players as you see fit, injuries etc.

    it's a decent framework for developing your team. They only listed 6 defenses and I added some myself. I've spent hours picking the different positions and creating a spreadsheet by positions, even the QB's aren't all listed. but some teams are trying to figure out who will be their QB staff. But you CAN add them closer to the season. email me at and put "fantasy football excel list" as the subject and I'll zip you off a copy. you'll have to add/subtract on your own in some cases. but not alot.

    ** You can add as you want to. its imcomplete as it is but a good start for your FF drafting needs. I used green to highlight the good players but didn't get into everyone

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      Originally posted by giant-4-life View Post


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        just to show the listing orientation, not for clarity sorry bro.


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          Advice: for printing purposes, I suggest Before printing, orient your printed page(s) to landscape to ensure getting all the printing on one page. I had to manipulate this under "printer properties" and under "advanced" set the page to be printed as "fit to paper size" accordingly.


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            It looks like Mcadoo's Dennys menu.
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              I made it so it will print portrait wise and added the players 2016 FPPG & 2017 FPA numbers(projected)


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                here's a preview:


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                  not at 100% zoom. But a little easier to see


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                    Originally posted by giant-4-life View Post
                    not at 100% zoom. But a little easier to see here
                    I can't see anything at all.
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                      Alvin Kamara has been a season saver for me
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