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    couple hihglights from todays game...

    does not show the TD pass. i was watching....the TD pass was perfectly thrown, dropped in the basket...BUT with horrible throwing technique...he flicked the ball with his wrist. standing straight up without any base...not stepping into the throw.... it is very strange to watch him throw...bad habits of just absolutely awful technique....then at other time it is picture perfect.... the dude is not nfl ready as a thrower and may never be.... like i said...he is a gamble.... somehow with bad habits and all he was able to be pretty accurate this year.... but today he was 10-21 less than 50%... that is the 3rd game this year i think he was less than 50% throwing..... it is a problem. Those problems often cannot be fixed. But Jackson is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good a runner. I cannot emphasize it enough... you ask yourself, does the running make up for the passing? In college the answer is a big fat Yes. But can that translate? Maybe the dude is a running back or WR you say to yourself. But then you think but if we can just get him to throw a little bit better............... ah intriguing lol


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      The NY Giants have scouted Louisville more than once already this season? Sounds like they may be seriously considering LJ or at least doing thier due diligence.>>>>


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        some think L jackson is for real as a passer^^^^

        others say his athleticism is enough to make him good enough>>>>>

        his stats are better than josh allen passing wise and some of the others as well QBR wise. He has clearly taken well to coaching getting far better as a passer this season. So he is trending upwards..... he seems humble and his coaches say he is able to learn playbooks, run audibles etc. but who really ever knows anything about any draft pick.....Only time will tell
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          jackson has some fight in him >>>>>>>>>>>>>

          "that's just football" >>>>


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            I would be so excited for this pick and wont sleep till I see him play for the Giants!. I see him making drives look so smooth and easy once he gets good experience as an NFL QB. Just gatta work on his accuracy and technique looks weird when he throws but I am sure that can be adjusted


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              Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield said to be the best QBs in the draft class. A draft class that has been touted as the best QB draft class in years.


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                Originally posted by Essex Blue View Post
                There's a saying in cricket where someone is accused of being a "flat track bully". It means a batsman who puts up huge scores when conditions are in his favour. From what I've seen of Jackson that's him. Puts up video game numbers against bad teams but production drops like a stone when anything goes against him.

                That said I do hope whoever is the next QB has that sort of mobility.


                his worst game ever in the bowl game

                41% completion and 4 yes FOUR interceptions. Yikes.

                dudes need to step up in big games.... Jackson and Darnold both flopped in their bowl games.

                Mason Rudoplh and baker mayfield are looking better and better LOL

                but still jackson is sooooooo intriguing as a potential game changer..... sigh.....wanted him to succeed so much.....o well


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                  Despite what I said I do like Jackson and think he's so fun to watch. Would be interesting if he were still on the board at pick 34.


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                    Originally posted by Essex Blue View Post
                    Despite what I said I do like Jackson and think he's so fun to watch. Would be interesting if he were still on the board at pick 34.
                    Id LOOOOOOOVE to get him at 34

                    right now my qb rankings go

                    1. Baker Mayfield
                    2. Lamar Jackson
                    3. Josh Rosen
                    4. Mason Rudolph
                    5. Josh Allen
                    6. Sam Darnold
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                      No thank you


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                        Originally posted by bigpoppy View Post

                        no why? is he a moron? lol

                        vick was a moron too though
                        And he never learned to read defenses because of it.


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                          Originally posted by DarkSaint View Post

                          'And he never learned to read defenses because of it.
                          My opinion on prospects pales in comparison to how NFL scouts and teams view players. Thus, it makes more sense to share how a scout who has done advance work on the 2018 players views Jackson. This is what that scout had to say on him:
                          • "[Jackson] has huge talent and supreme toughness. His biggest issue is being consistent with his footwork because he's so physically gifted and he'll get away with a lot of stuff that bites him at other times. He has real arm talent. He's way more polished than Michael Vick coming out. Everybody's up in arms about his games against Houston and LSU without mentioning he had arguably the worst offensive line of any power-five school. Houston just exposed it as they were the first team to beat up on that [offensive] line. Versus LSU, Lamar was making Houdini escapes just to get back to the line of scrimmage. He had no chance in either game. His supporting cast was very average with just two NFL-caliber players in Jamari Staples and Cole Hikutini. Jackson can see the field and work through progressions. Watching him his freshman year to his sophomore season, his improvements from year to year were huge. Bobby Petrino is a very talented offensive mind, and Jackson had near-complete command of [Petrino's] system back in October, and that says a lot. [Jackson's Florida State] game was the most individually dominant performance of the season because that defense has multiple NFL players, including at least one first-rounder on every level, and [Jackson] looked like he was playing at a different speed than them.

                            "[Jackson's] upside is scary. His flaws are correctable compared to what he was his first year as he's already made a substantial jump. No reason to believe he won't make bigger leaps. His athleticism and speed are different-level-type stuff. I did Cam Newton coming out and know Mike Vick well; [Jackson] is more advanced in the passing game than either of them when they came out. [Jackson] will be fine sitting in the pocket and getting hit on the chin. It's the reason his toughness is seen already as arguably his best quality, because he forces himself to stay in there wanting to show he's a true quarterback.

                            "You don't know where [Jackson's] accuracy will top out just yet. He rarely threw the ball in high school. Thus, there is a long way for him to go to be a Russell Wilson type, but he's already made huge improvements. [Jackson's] biggest hurdle is putting on weight. He's borderline 6-foot-2. He might a tad under, and he needs to get north of 215 pounds.

                            "Quarterbacks depend on people's flavor as well of course. History tells us that quarterbacks with [Jackson's] skill set don't get outside the top 10. Critics outside the inner circle and some scouts will nitpick like they did with Deshaun Watson, Pat Mahomes or Russell Wilson, but top evaluators will love [Jackson's] play-making, leadership, explosiveness, the strain he puts on defenses, and his big arm talent. [Those] all need development, but [Jackson] has proven to be a fast study. He's already showing he can throw from the pocket, call audibles - a must in Petrino's offense -, and dial up hot reads. He makes just as many plays in the pocket as those other guys when you watch them all. [Jackson's] just noticed more for what he does outside of it because he's such a rare athlete for the position."'

                          Best case, Jackson is a 1 to 2 year project. I'm nowhere near as high on him as i was in the beginning of the season. I still think he is special and not comparable to those other run first QBs though. He is just that much better of a runner. It's like having Saqoun barkely as your QB. It forces defenses to open something else up in order to account for him. He also has potential as a passer. Some team is going to take the risk on jackson, because if jackson can put it all together, he will be lights out at the next level.
                          Walter football asked an NFL scout, who apparently says he can "see the field and work through progressions."

                          He's not there yet as proven by the bowl game. But we shall see.
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