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  • I heard this on NFL channel.......

    Dion Sanders was asked if Jacksonville came to the Giants and asked what it would take to trade Eli. Dion loved it, he said it's great for everyone. Eli might be willing to go play for Coughlin. Jacksonville has everything but a QB, and they could win that division this year and make a run.

    It would be the best thing for Eli to get out of this mess also. He could go out a winner and be welcomed there like a conquering hero. Imagine him with the play action with Fournette running the ball. It could be deadly.

    And for the Giants it would free up cap money, give Webb some playing time even though it's a mess. And with Webb starting we'd definitely get the first pick. The whole team would have quit. We'd probably go winless for sure. But without Eli you could rebuild the whole thing all over. We'd get the #1 QB and have Webb as the backup.

    What do we ask for ? 2, 2nd rd picks for Eli ? Would we get that ? He's 37 nobodys giving up a 1st rd pick. Interesting scenario what do you think ?

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    I'm sorry you moved this off Giant football discussion board it's a realistic topic and I thought it would lead to great discussion. it certainly was mean't as a knock on anybody it was just a possibility that people around the league are already discussing about the Giants. Am surprised at the fear or nervousness it sparked on the moderator.


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      The players are really dumb.


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        Just checked out a jaguars board. Most of their fans are ok with getting Eli,. Some of them are more knowledgeable than the clowns here. They are aware of our garbage and crap run game. here is what one of them said about Eli..

        "That’s more what he would bring to the team. A vet that can beat a stacked box. Eli throwing to Westbrook, Hurns, Lee, Strong and O’Shaunasse (sp) could be deadly.

        He would basically only throw maybe 25-35 times a game and give you the accuracy and ball placement when you need it in the passing game."

        They also think Cam Robinson is the steal of the draft, he's bee awesome in pass protection.