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    Originally posted by big blue dog View Post

    so far what i see they all have to many holes in there games.
    I agree! I'm not in love with any of these guys.


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      Originally posted by TEM View Post

      He is the best value of the draft . He will be a high 2nd round pick. We may just get a shot at him.
      I don't think Lamar Jackson get out of the first round.


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        Originally posted by Cruzan 26 View Post

        I agree! I'm not in love with any of these guys.
        I wanna see Mayfield against Georgia they have a solid D.


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          Webb ain't no slouch, he could be a starter and a very good one. LJ has so much potential it could be game changing for the team that drafts him, or he could be RG3 draft bust. It's a huge gamble. But he can throw a ball, he has wheels and boyyyyy is he fun to watch.


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            Originally posted by Harooni View Post

            that would be fine with me but if we pass on all qb's its a mistake imo.
            Mistake for sure. Unless they trade and get 2 firsts back, one of them resulting in a 2019 top 5 pick.

            I'd be fine with that.