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Browns/OBJ Trade First Round

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  • Browns/OBJ Trade First Round

    Hypothetically speaking, the only thinkable trade I would be willing to do for OBJ would be this blockbuster:

    Browns 1 and 4 overall for OBJ and 2nd overall

    Could go either way but getting rid of Odell for this type of return now could pay massive dividends 2-5 years from now. Get rid of the off the field stuff, not worry about cap space hit, move forward with Shepard, Lewis, Engram, secure QB for future AND take most dominant player in draft. Take top QB/Saquon or Nelson or Chubb. Definitely a hypothetical, but the only trade I would see for Odell right now

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    For OBJ and 2nd overall, not enough. Perhaps Browns 1 and 4 overall, and next years 1st rounder.


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      The Browns would be idiots if they offer that trade. And besides they dont need a receiver.


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        Your are giving OBJ for a #1 overall and our the #2 for the #4

        Do you not see the problem with that?
        The Dallas Cowboys have now gone exactly One Third of their pathetic existence without a Super bowl appearance.


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          Sounds great to me. I would do it in a second.

          Draft QB of future (Darnold is my favorite).

          Then either draft bpa (Barkley, Chubb or Nelson)...or trade down for a bundle


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            I am at the point of whatever NYG do so be it. It would suck but oh well. I just heard another report from Jason Lanfora that OBJ will be trade before the draft. Smh