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Top 5 teams to watch for as Giants consider Odell Beckham trade

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  • Top 5 teams to watch for as Giants consider Odell Beckham trade

    Excerpt: "The New England Patriots' sudden boatload of four draft picks in the top two rounds of this month's draft screams a big Bill Belichick move upcoming — for a quarterback, perhaps? Or maybe even (why not?) for Odell Beckham Jr.

    That's not a likely outcome, but it's not impossible, either. For while the L.A. Rams are out of the OBJ sweepstakes, that doesn't mean the Giants won't find a trade partner if they ultimately decide to part ways.

    The Rams' and Giants' publicized trade talks alerted the NFL's 30 other GMs to Beckham's availability, so until the Giants re-sign Beckham to the long-term contract extension he desires, it remains possible they'll deal him away.

    The next step for the Giants is to commit to Beckham being on the team in 2018, which they refused to do at last week's league meetings in Orlando. Beckham's next test will be whether he shows up on Monday for the start of Giants offseason workouts in East Rutherford. Attendance is optional, but his absence would mean something.

    So unless Beckham or the Giants clarifies the star receiver's contract and trade status, the drama will build all the way to the NFL Draft's opening night on April 26. And over the next few weeks, there are few NFL GMs that bear watching closer than others in the OBJ Sweepstakes: SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS

    Niners GM John Lynch locked up young quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on a record five-year, $137.5-million contract and spent money on free-agent center Weston Richburg and running back Jerick McKinnon to surround Garoppolo with more pieces. But Lynch didn't make a huge splash at receiver as many had expected; he simply extended Marquise Goodwin at a reasonable $6.2-million cap average (through 2021) to pair with Pierre Garcon ($9.2 million through 2021) and Aldrick Robinson ($2 million through 2018). Lynch made six trades during his first draft as Niners GM last spring, so he's not afraid to make a deal. And he holds the ninth-overall pick, a second-rounder (59th) and two third-rounders (70th and 74th) among his nine draft choices in this month's draft. The Niners also have $46 million in cap space, per NFLPA records, trailing only the Cleveland Browns ($68 million) and Indianapolis Colts ($59 million) as of Thursday afternoon. From Beckham's perspective, Santa Clara isn't Los Angeles. But Beckham, 25, and Garoppolo, 26, could form a dominant tandem for a decade to come, wearing the same uniform that Joe Montana and Jerry Rice immortalized. LOS ANGELES CHARGERS

    Chargers GM Tom Telesco, 45, was a training camp intern for the Buffalo Bills in the early '90s when Giants GM Dave Gettleman, 67, was working for Buffalo GM Bill Polian as a Bills area scout. More pertinently, the Chargers are the only other NFL organization in the general vicinity of Beckham's offseason home base (where he'd told a couple Rams players he'd like to play, per a Daily News source). The Chargers will share a new $2.6-billion stadium in Inglewood, Calif., with the Rams, and Beckham certainly would draw eyeballs and ticket sales for the stadium's 2020 season debut. And while Keenan Allen ($11.25 million annually) is a No. 1 wideout, he has an injury history, and 2017 No. 7 overall pick Mike Williams (Clemson) barely contributed as a rookie due to injury, too. Telesco and the Chargers do appear interested in drafting a quarterback in this year's draft, so if they're using their 17th overall first-round pick on Lamar Jackson, for example, they'd likely be doing so instead of making a deal for OBJ (that pick would have to go back to the Giants in any trade). And Telesco only has $5 million of cap space, per NFLPA records. Still, space will open up quickly with some contracts coming off the books in 2019. Plus, veteran quarterback Philip Rivers, 36, is nearing the end with just two years left at $22 million plus; stud D-end Joey Bosa is under control for likely three more years at a reasonable number. And a rookie QB contract on the books upcoming that would create ample room for a star like Beckham. And remember, with the new stadium, paying Beckham big money wouldn't just be a football decision. It'd be a business decision." Read more...
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    The only teams i would be interested. Cleveland, 49's and Colts.They have the highest draft picks and cap space.


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      These stories are complete bs.
      Pat Leonard is becoming like the ****ing Hedda Hopper of sports!
      "I'M ALL FOR IT!"

      John McKay, HC of the 1976 winless TB Buccaneers, when asked by a reporter, how McKay felt, about the execution of his offense.


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        Complete BS. Odell isn’t going anywhere.