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Odell Trade Talk Delusion

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  • Odell Trade Talk Delusion

    It's funny everyone talks down about OBJ but then gets all excited about him being a Patriot etc. No way in heck we give him up for two late 1st round picks lol. Best part is theres never been complaints about him with other teammates here or being trouble in the locker room yet analysts love saying he fights with teammates. OBJ hate NYG jealousy? Not just OBJ but people love to hate on NYG players/team even Eli they talk down about his talents, then when it comes to trade ideas they get all excited about how how much he's going to "impact" other teams...NYG against the world continues.

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    We hate on him cuz he's a dewsh... Not a likeable personality. Fortunately he produces on field to make people happy enough to deal with his antics.


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      His first 2 td game will have 99% of this board back on his side..Most fans just parrot what they hear on talk radio !!