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How rediculous can it get?

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  • How rediculous can it get?

    <FONT color=#0000ff>This is a sports forum. You'll have to take it elsewhere</FONT></P>

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    Re: How rediculous can it get?

    [quote user="NYG_SBXLIII"][quote user="Pierce4Pres"]

    I want to share a story. This is something that happened today. </P>

    Some of you know that I own a rug business. I buy my rugs direct from Turkey, Saudi, and Belgium. Wesell them wholesale as well as retail to local and out of statestores.Anyway, I have salespeople that work for me who solicit business to business to furniture stores, rug outlets, hotels, resorts, etc. Some set up wholesale accounts, some retail. Some roadside. All that aside, today I get this resume from a kid that has worked in places like Circuit City, Sears, but then he apparently switched jobs to work at Wendy's.His experience is good so I look over his application and decide to interview him on the spot. This is something I don't normally do, but it happened to be slower than usual today. I talk to the kid. At first he seems ok, just a tad slow. He responds with appropriate answers and seems to know sales pretty well. I start to look over his resume and I notice something that totally makes me look twice. His e-mail reads: jason***** I'm thinking: Is this kid serious? Does he actually think I won't notice something like this, or doesn't he care at all, I wonder???? I ask the kid in a upbeat way to see if he's paying attention: "So you get high..." He stutters. " man...I uh...don't do that anymore". I'm like " you won't minddoing a drug screening for me" "No man, no problem" he says. " see Alexandra on the way out, and she will give you the paperwork" "Sounds good" he says, and he walks outwithout getting the paperwork from my receptionist! </P>

    So I'm sitting there thinking: Did this just happen or was it a dream? Are we really in that much trouble as a country when kids apply for a job and overlook things like this? The kid basically told me he was smoking weed without coming right out and saying it. I think it's completely rediculous. Not necessarily because the kid gets high ( I did when I was 21) but because he overlooked something as basic as covering ones butt. I would have drug tested him anyway, but that's not the point. It's just really odd to me that it almost seems like it's not a big deal to some of these kids. I mean, are they proud that they get high, or do they think it's cool to smoke the babonia and not care what others think, espec potential employers? Seriously, this really had me scratching my head. I had this strange look on my face for probably five minutes afterward. </P>

    Can someone tell me what the hell is going on with this country? </P>



    As we were recently toldin a class, "1 in every 10 medical students, uses cocaine. The illegal drug trade is an 800 BILLION dollar industry, and it is not going to go away."</P>

    The kid that you interviewed, is just stupid. Unfortunately, he does not have mentors/parents in his life, that are helping him with common sense (which is never very common!), resume/interview issues.</P>

    The story that you told, is not nearly as sad, as the stories that you keep hearing, about these kids ruining their careers on Facebook/My Space. Companies are routinely checking the web on these kids and it is just pathetic what they are finding. Some kids do not have a CLUE, that the cutesy little obscene things that they think are funny...are not funny to a future employer.</P>

    I do not envy you.....what a HEADACHE!!!!</P>



    While statistics are often skewed, that one seems real to me. The MySpace thing is a trip. They are catching on now, but it did take a while to clue in. </P>