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Proponent of the 10 Yard Chuck Rule

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  • Proponent of the 10 Yard Chuck Rule

    Over the last few years the NFL has made me sick with the constant pandering to the Offense..With teams unable to ever hit the QB or WR's there is way to much of an advantage for the Offenses. The once physical nature of the stronger more physical team wins has been removed and replaced to who can throw the best 5 yard slant. To combat the short passing games the NFL needs to expand the chuck rule to `10 yards. The game has become to easy for dink and dunk teams. Spreading teams out with tiny receivers that cant be touched and throwing a 5 yard pass is what the game is becoming. By expanding the chuck rule LB's can knock receivers off there routes,Cornerbacks can be more physical and timing patterns will be altered. Please NFL save this physical game strop wussifying are sport

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    really wish they would at least discuss this. it would be "safety with honor".

    but i think they like the arena league numbers. for the most part, its gaining the broadcasts better ratings and is making the nfl richer.

    making quarterbacks richer too


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      Well, they went from "can't touch the QB above the neck" to "must strike the QB's head with force" to get that roughing the passer penalty now. That's a start...