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RGIII...Looking Good...

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  • RGIII...Looking Good...

    18-25, 298 yards 2 TD, and one big scramble to avoid a sac which almost lead to a 1st down.

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    RGIII put on a heck of a show today. If Pierre Garcon didn’t get hurt they may have thrown a 50 up there. Washington Redskins offensive line looked good and so did their defense. I know that NO Saints have some issues going on and it is obvious that without Sean Payton there they are not the same team. However, Washington Redskins looked impressive today. NFCEast is back and will be competitive this year.

    RGIII looked like a poised veteran out there. I live in the DC/NOVA area and there is much excitement over him and Washington Redskins that it is kind of nice to see as oppossed to the downtrodden depressed acceptance of a miserable team. Now at least when I go to FedEx field there will not be more of us NY Giants fans there and it will more fun to see Washington Redskins have more of their own fans in their home stadium. That way it will mean more when we beat them at FedEx Field.

    I bELIeve.