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WOW... Is Alex Smith a good QB now?

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  • WOW... Is Alex Smith a good QB now?

    Looking very A Rodgers-ish during this game (vs The Lions).

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    He's certainly proven his detractors wrong - myself included. He's not just managing games now, he's winning them.

    That Niners team is geared so perfectly towards his strengths. What Harbaugh has done with them is nothing short of impressive.


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      I was having a discussion with another guy one time about Alex Smith. He believes he can't be that guy to win the SB, but I disagree.

      He's a good game manager type of QB that can get this team somwhere.

      The funny thing is, with the team built that the 49ers have, it almost feels like Alex Smith improved a lot.

      Sorta like when Sanchez had a good team built around him those 2 years in a row when they played in the AFC games.


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        It's scary how they've taken down two of last season's most explosive offenses in consecutive weeks. They have no glaring weakness.


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          Alex Smith was the number draft pick with the wrong coaches to help groom him. I definitely think he's improved but how can you not be efficient with all those weapons around you?


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            Alex smith is a joke, he has a top RB, a top defense and a great coach. If he had to win games by himself he would have no chance.


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              Alex Smith reminds me a bit of Eli, with regards to their journeys with their teams. The only difference is that Eli had TC from year one, whereas Alex Smith had a new coach and OC every couple years...

              I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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                Alex Smith doesn't have half the brain Eli does, how long has Alex Smith been in the league? He's still only capable of reading half the field, their passing attack becomes irrelevant when their first two options are covered.