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    Originally posted by CruzSoldier View Post
    Obviously you didn't watch the opening game against the cowboys they held our WR's especially CRUZ every chance they had and the REF's didn't throw anything. After this game I guess the NFL said they nned to be more aggressive in throwing flags for PI and calling hold penalties as you can see there have been more PI and holding penalties since 1990.
    Originally posted by mikeq6722 View Post
    How do these refs magically not have a bias? Could you elaborate? Because the whole situation with the Saints fan reffing a Saints game shows some bias to me. Refs telling LaSean Mccoy they need him to score for their fantasy team shows bias as well. But ignorant statements are fun so carry on.
    LOL yeah I'm pretty sure the old refs had more incentive to be bias other than a fantasy football game. Especially in the giants pack playoff game. Something clearly fishy going on there. These professional nfl players are using refs as a cop out is sickening. I didn't see Coughlin or any Giants lashing out at them on twitter or the media after the Dallas game. I wasn't a big fan of coughlin initially but he has won over my respect 10 fold.