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Parcells on new refs....

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    The old refs want 6 figures and work only 1/3 of the year. And as a poster stated, a pension. This is laughable. How many people can say they can do this with their current employer?


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      How many people can say the make a billion dollar operation run better than it is today?


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        the NFL can't just give in they have to do what is best for them too whether we think it is wrong or not. Parcells is just saying teams need to adjust for the mean time and stop having the built in excuses before they play a down in the game.
        sigpicShould the Giants fire Gilbride....


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          This is yet another case of capitalism completely ruining everything it touches.


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            The NFL reduced the pensions of their FULL-TIME employees league-wide. The officials are the only ones demanding special treatment to leave their pensions alone...yet they're only PART-TIMERS. (How is that fair to the rest of the league employees?)

            They're asking for too much and Goodell isn't gonna budge. Not now...not ever. It'd set a bad precedent, and the NFL's still got all the leverage.

            Yeah, these replacements are a freaking dumpster fire (Obviously.)

            But hook any NFL fan up to a lie detector and ask if they'll stop watching b/c of horrible officiating. Yeah...end of story.