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The 49ers look really good.

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  • The 49ers look really good.

    Can't see every play on the RedZone, but they are dominating for the second week in a row. I'm not saying the Giants can't win, but I don't know how they would. They are 5 games into he season and the DL, the position most of us thought would be a strength, has been horrible. The 49ers OL is huge and they run some strange packages where they have OL's playing all over the place. Their back up QB is really good at running he ball. I don't expect the Giants to have the running game next week that they had today. I hope they do, because that will help he defense out by keeping them off the field. I then offensively they will be ok. Eli is in my opinion the league MVP right now. Forget ratings, he has a new WR line up every week. Don't know if Nicks will be back, but even if he is he may be rusty and a non factor. I hope that's not the case because with I'm, Cruz, and the emergence of Randle they can hang with just about anyone.

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    Really? This has to do with the Giants as they play them next week. Why would this be moved?