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Players cheering on injury

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  • Players cheering on injury

    So this morning all the highlights seem to be about Matt Cassel who got cheered for by his own team when he went down with a head injury. The guy said "I've never been more embarrassed playing football in my life like I was in that moment". Those fans are something else.

    The question is, take the most hated, fan thinks is overrated player on the Giants. Lets pick...Osi. Hypothetically if Osi went down with a head injury do you guys believe Giants stadium would cheer while the trainers are over the guy? Especially if it was a head injury? Wow, Chiefs fans have set an all time low for sportsmanship

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    Whoops, I meant FANS cheering on injury..any way someone can Edit that?


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      Loath, before I read your secondpost I was horrified that teammates were actually cheering that their own teammate got hurt. But still, it's bad that fans did that. But I wouldn't put it past a few fans of any team doing that.


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        It is classless...but sometimes it happens because the coaches are clueless. One example was back when Aaron Brooks was the Saints QB. He had a good year, signed a big contract...and then played like his number indicated for the rest of his career. Jim Haslett's head was so far up Brooks' butt that he would never bench him...and if he did have something happen that made him leave the game the fans were cheering not that he was hurt but that they would finally get to see someone else back there...if for just one play.

        Edit- Oh...btw...his number was #2.


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          It's low, and there's no excuse for it. Many fans seem to forget that players are just people doing their job.