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    Interesting discussion, I think Brown gut the buy early because it wasn't well known after his suspension and subsequent reinstatement. I think Goddell might feel that everyone has been warned and if you have a prescription then you need to let the NFL know about it!


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      Its really not. From personal experience its not. The only think I can think of, which another poster brought up, is trying to memorize the playbook.

      Adderall is an amphetamine. It increases your heart rate so when you run around you feel winded much quicker than you normally would. Not to mention how bad that is for your heart. I used to play lacrosse on all sorts of drugs, and these ADHD amphetamines were never of any help.


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        Originally posted by nhpgiantsfan View Post
        You blame the doctors?? These guys aren'g getting it from team doctors. Why is it a doctors responcibility to know what his/her patient is aloud to take. These are regular doctors that these guys are going to. They are not NFL employed doctors. Why make excused for these very wealthy proffesional players. They need to know what they can and cant take. It's that simple.
        so we common folk know that any athlete is restricted from taking certain meds, but these primadonna doctors dont know that???? ... that is scary
        Apologize to Melo 5