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  • Amare Stoudamire must sit there and watch more guys make easy layups, then anyone i've ever seen.. Melo's having a dreadful game so far.. Missing mad Layups and bad shot selection when hes not missing a layup...

    This team needs to get back on track.. They gotta get this W! Iman Shumpert looks awesome though!


    • Up 3 with the ball and 7seconds to go.. Our biggest win in alittle while and our first win in Boston since Eddy Curry days if we keep lead... Not the prettiest game, but a W is a W...


      • here's what I saw. The "Paint" must be a 50 foot drop off 'cause except for Tyson and occasionally Melo, it seems everyone wants to shoot mid-range and out to the perimeter shots...

        Last night much of our ball movement was dribble penetrations that got kicked out to the perimeter or just outside the paint. If not that there were some great Picks that led to lay ups but overall they seem like they want to keep the ball outside.

        You guys watch way more games then I can, is that the trend? Or was that only last night?

        I understand that Woodson stated once in a post-game interview that the Knicks would take whatever the opponents give them, but with respect to his basketball knowledge and understanding that mine is limited at best, I reall wish the Knicks would attack the Paint more often. I want to see them draw fouls, initiate contact etc.

        Tyson should not be our ONLY Low Post threat, but seeing our current Roster I understand why.

        A W is a W but our guys need to get more physical in their play.
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        • finally beat the celtics! amare looked great out there. shump looks awesome too, so glad to have them back.

          now we just need felton back so we don't iso on every play.

          i agree with nycsportzfan in reference to his past criticisms of chandler's inconsistent effort. he's soo lazy at times and gives up tons of points in the paint without even trying to contest. but then other times he's a beast and gives great effort and our team is so much better when he does so it's very frustrating. his tap outs are great at times but other times he could just grab it with both hands and instead tips it out to the other team. he's like spaced out or something during some games. at one point he got a rebound and then held the ball out for kidd to take it while garnett was still right in front of him and almost turned it over. he plays like his mind is on something else.

          amare's defense was better than chandler's against boston, at least he tries. chandler is a good perimiter defender for a big guy but he doesn't protect the hoop at all. amare came in and got 2 blocks because he actually attempts to block people at the rim, unlike chandler. amare looked the best i've seen him in a long time. he had like 9 rebounds and 2 blocks in 20 minutes. he had that big tip in late too which put us backup 4 when we were in the process of blowing our 10 point lead.

          felton is very important to this team on both sides of the ball. jason kidd is not a pg at this point in his career. the offense ran better with pablo in there. felton is our only quick guard that can run pick and roll and also defend against quick pgs. kidd should play exclusively at sg for the most part.


          • Originally posted by nycsportzfan View Post
            Were a game and a half from the 7th Thats how medicore we've been over a good chunk of season...We started the season 18-5, and since are 7-9 Theres 1.5 games seperating us from the freaking 7th We've lost about 7games to some of these teams over the past month..

            And almost all of those 7wins came VS crap teams, outside of maybe 1 or so... And were losing in boston right now, albeit early and only by a couple...

            We need this WIN VS Boston...
            we've been riddled with injuries. felton, sheed and camby. plus amare is just now getting back to 100%. shump is still on a minutes limit. felton is extremely important to this team on both sides of the ball. we've lost a bunch of close games to good teams that we were winning earlier in the year.

            not sure where you're getting the 1.5 games out from 7th seed either, that is not true. the bucks are the 7th seed currently and we're 4 games ahead of them.

            it was expected for us to struggle as we reincorporated stat and shump into the rotation... and that was if we still had a healthy felton and sheed/camby. this team has still not been healthy at the same time. hopefully when felton comes back no one else gets hurt and we can see what this team can really do.
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            • Totally agree with you guys about Ray, who would have known that he would be so valuable? The team runs very different when he's out there that is for sure. Pablo is, surprisingly, more effective at running the Point for us and maybe Kidd should be relegated to the 2G more often?

              Outside of that, kNicksGiants, what is your feelings on the "lack of physicality" in the Paint?

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              • we've been primarily a jump shooting team so far this year other than the pick n roll with felton and chandler (felton has been hurt for a couple weeks now and we've been even more reliant on jump shooting). that's why amare is important because he's our only big that can get in the paint and score. he's looking better and better each game and hopefully when felton gets back he'll get even more easy dunks and layups.

                this team is similar to the mavericks of a couple years ago. they were pretty much a jump shooting team.

                we've been forced to isolate a lot more with felton out which lots of times leads to tough shots by melo or long contested jumpers by others. kidd is pretty much a SG at this point. even the last couple years on the mavs he played a lot of 2 guard. he's better defensively against 2 guards too. when felton was healthy, kidd was pretty much exclusively playing the 2.

                as far as attacking the paint... it's very frustrating as a fan of melo because he constantly gets bumped or hit when he drives in which causes him to miss shots but rarely gets the foul call. he needs a "flopping" coach or something lol some guys are so good at drawing fouls just by their body language or jerking their head back. so many so called "stars" in the league get foul calls if you just breath on them but melo rarely gets those calls.


                • good assessments, yeah we do run a lot of Iso. Amar'e looked decent the other night from what I saw and he was more of a defender than Tyson was in the paint, but I like Chandler a lot. Actually Ray and Tyson are great on the court together too, think of all those alley oops.

                  With Ray back, JR, Pablo, Iman and Jason make a terrific backcourt in terms of subbing.

                  as a side note the Grizzlies are as beastly as I thought, they beat the breaks off of the Nets last night. That's a scary team.

                  As to Melo, I like the fact he doesn't flop. You guys remember back in the day Andy Verajao and all that BS flopping he'd do? I hated that crap. And this recent game against the C's all Melo could do was laugh at the BS KG pulled when he took a dive.

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                  • yea i like chandler too. when he gives full effort he makes this team so much better.

                    felton isn't this amazing great player or anything, but he is very important on this team because he's our only guard that can penetrate the paint and keep his dribble. how many lobs has tyson got since felton got hurt? hardly any. he was getting a couple a game when felton was playing.

                    i agree that i dont like floppers and im glad melo plays like a bully and doesn't flop... i just wish the refs would give him some more calls. there's times when melo will get in the paint and has his head band swatted off his head and still not get a foul call lol.

                    i think felton is playing tonight, i'm sure he'll be a little rusty but i'm glad he's back. we're pretty much healthy now other than rasheed and camby.


                    • and the celtics blew a 27 point lead yesterday to the hawks haha

                      they lost in double overtime lol

                      the bulls destroyed the warriors. they are no joke with or without rose.

                      i just read our starting lineup for tonight is this:


                      we're staying with a small starting lineup most likely because we only have one big right now off the bench (amare)
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                      • I won't see the game because its not Nat'l televised

                        Hope Ray does well !!! (You're right he's definitely a "system player, but boy does it work for him in Knicks' Orange-n-Blue)

                        Go Knicks !!!

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                        • Man, the Sixers are just eating are lazy defense up.. I swear, its just embedded in this teams DNA to start the season out strong and look like a complete team and slowley resort back to no defense to speak of.. WHen Melo's been ons the court tonight, our defense has been mutilated... Its not end of the 1st half, but still, we've come close a bunch and then we'll have careless turnovers and stupid shots and lazy defense and the deficit gets back up to 8-10 points...


                          • Come on Chandler! Stop with the lazy plays! 3TO's in 1st half for the big guy


                            • And yet again announcer " KNICKS INEXPLICABLY let sixers drive right to basket again".. This is a lazy knicks team man.. If u can't see the diffrence in quality then i don't know what u have to see... Hopefully they can get the intensity back, and play all around ball as the yr goes on, but who knows.. They could win this game, but they simply don't look nearly as good as they did early in the yr...


                              • Originally posted by nycsportzfan View Post
                                Come on Chandler! Stop with the lazy plays! 3TO's in 1st half for the big guy
                                I thought I was the only one who found Chandler to play extremely lazy at times. I like him but man, he just does not fight for rebounds sometimes.
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