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Marcus lattimore injured vs. Tennessee

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  • Marcus lattimore injured vs. Tennessee

    ou can see it on the video the way his leg turned looked horrible. This kid is talented just too many injuries.

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    He suffered a broken femur, broken patella, Torn ACL, Torn PCL, Torn MCL, and Torn LCL, Just a devastating turn of events for him. I hope he can recover and lead a healthy life afterwards, football or not.


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      Man oh man...that ranks up there w/ the likes of Theismann etc.

      I felt so bad watching that, seeing his reaction on the field made me feel absolutely awful. He had such a bright future, is a good kid, was a very talented player, all those dreams are virtually shot now, broke his thighbone, his kneecap, and shredded all 4 ligaments....holy hell. And to think he was recovering from a torn ACL in the other leg.

      My thoughts go out to Marcus Lattimore, hopefully he pulls off a miracle and comes back to form. Hate seeing stuff like this...


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        Those are ridiculously painful

        It's practically almost the same way Willis McGahee got injured in college.

        My advice is to not plant your foot in those situations, but it's hard to react that fast to a defender flying into your legs. Ouch!