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Jon Gruden Could Be Headed To Philadelphia

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  • Jon Gruden Could Be Headed To Philadelphia

    Excerpt: "It’s been rumored for years that, if/when Eagles coach Andy Reid no longer is coaching the Eagles, former Eagles offensive coordinator Jon Gruden could be lured back to town.

    Now, Howard Eskin of WIP and FOX 29 reports that Gruden could be the next coach of the Eagles.

    The move, obviously, hinges on the Eagles firing Reid. And on Gruden being interested.

    Gruden has made it clear from time to time that he’ll coach again, even as ESPN has tried to make staying in the broadcast booth more and more attractive to the man who led the Bucs to a Super Bowl win a decade ago." Read more...
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    I personally wouldn't give up a nice, cozy, and stable ESPN analyst/commentator job for a head coaching job where the criticism from the media and the fans can be really harsh after a couple of losses and continually be under the threat of being fire if their expectations are not met. But Gruden is definitely very passionate about the game and may do that.


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      They say things like this every year - last year it was the Cowboys. It's just a manufactured story designed to get clicks.