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William Joseph From 1st Round Pick to Prison

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  • William Joseph From 1st Round Pick to Prison

    Former NFL lineman William Joseph has been sentenced to more than two years in federal prison for his role in a South Florida tax theft ring.

    U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams also ordered Joseph on Friday to pay a $10,800 fine and complete 300 hours of community service after his release from prison. Joseph pleaded guilty in August to aggravated identity theft and theft of government money charges.

    Just sad.

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    It is sad, the young man's professional career peaked on draft day. I hope he gets through his penance and puts his train back on the right track.
    No one remembers who came in second.


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      I can't believe he just threw his career away just like that


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        It is what it is in life . We all make mistakes and you have to pay the price for it. That been said I would have given an arm or a leg to play in the NFL and would be the first one leg - arm player in the history of the league.
        " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.


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          amazingly sad...but I don't pity him. To have his athletic ability, to have made it to the League.

          I mean I just don't get it. Why go back to the crime life? **** it, you get caught doing bad **** pay the price.

          NFL Championships : 1927 1934 1938 1956 Super Bowl Champions: XXI XXV XLII XLVI


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            it is a shame that the great sports lives some of these guys enjoy cannot fill their voids in their lives. I cannot begin to fathom the lure of the criminal element in any existence. what a shame! Doc Gooden, Darryl strawberry, Mike Tyson, O.J etc, wasted !


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              Another fine citizen from The U.


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                Athletes that are accustomed to limelight, the fans, the action and excitement.....they simply need some way to continue that adrenaline rush when the "game is over"

                I feel sorry for him but don't pity him.