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Cowboys' Josh Brent Arrested For DUI and Kills Teammate In Car Crash.....

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  • Cowboys' Josh Brent Arrested For DUI and Kills Teammate In Car Crash.....

    According to Irving police, Brent's car was traveling at a high rate of speed on a State Highway 114 service road before it hit the outside curb at approximately 2:30 a.m. The car flipped at least one time and skidded an estimated 900 feet before coming to rest in the middle of the service road, police said.

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    For the second Saturday in a row, a terrible and avoidable tragedy has shaken up the insular world that is the NFL, writes Dan Graziano. Blog

    Brent was trying to drag Brown from the vehicle, a Mercedes, which was on fire when officers arrived on the scene. Officers quickly put out the small blaze. Brown was unresponsive and taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    Lock this idiot up and throw away the key! I don't feel the least bit sorry for him.


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    Prayers and condolences to the players' families and the Cowboys fanbase.


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      As T.C. said nothing but bad can happen at that time of night.
      Bill Loyal to the NYG logo


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        Witness Claims She Had To Beg Josh Brent To Pull Jerry Brown Out Of Burning Car Wreck

        “’Josh looked at me and he said ‘(Brown) won’t get out of the car,’” McWilliams said. ‘And I said ‘well you can’t just leave him in there and let him die, you’ve got to help him. Go get him.” I commanded him several times and Josh looked at me again and he said ‘he won’t get out of the car’ and I told him ‘you can’t stand here and watch him die. You’ve got to get him out.’ He still didn’t move so I thought he wasn’t going to help at all.’”
        McWilliams said as she returned to her car to retrieve her cell phone, Brent finally did tend to Brown and pulled him from the burning wreckage.
        ‘I want people to understand that Josh Brent is not a hero,” McWilliams said. ‘I keep hearing reports of how he was there to pull his friend from the fire but he had to be coerced and pushed and begged and pleaded to get his friend out of the fire and when he pulled him out, he just left him in the street. He didn’t tell him ‘hang in there, help is on the way.’ Nothing. He just left him there and I want the magnitude of that to be understood.’”

        WOW! That is so bad!!!!! Maybe he was still in shock from the car turning over and still very drunk. Only he knows what was going through his head. This just sounds so clod hearted!!!!!
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