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Dr says RG3 out for a few weeks at least

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    Originally posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    Wait, is this the same ESPN Doctor that said Eli would be out a month or two with his Lisfranc injury?
    lol no that was the mort report with elis shoulder. this dudes apparently one of the top physicians/surgeons in the country and he deals specifically with knees and joints. id say he was accurate but he didnt get to see rg3's mri. all he was going off of was what the redskins and rg3 reported, who knows they may even be underplaying it.
    i know he had an acl tear in college on that same knee. and i know he def hyperextended it which is what led to him spraining his lcl. think of it this way, remember when bennett hyperextended his knee? that wasnt even with contact or force, and it was according to bennett extremely painful. he didnt even sprain his lcl.
    rg3 almost def has a deep bruise as well. he just aint gonna be anywhere near the player he is healthy if he is to play, and if he does play this sunday i believe the dr when he said it would almost certainly lead to more serious injuries with that knee...rg3 isnt ur typical qb, for all the "hes the best, wow hes amazing" he doesnt know how to be a pure pocket passer in the nfl yet. if he does, he aint showed it. all theyve done is the 1 read option for both the pass and run. hows he gonna handle defenses when they arent paralyzed by the option?


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      I don't wish any harm to the kid, I hate to see anyone get hurt. But everyone has been saying he cannot play like this all season. Teams are already starting to figure out, who cares if RG3 doesn't have the ball we are going to pound him everytime he gets the ball. Baltimore basically shut him down the second half they wore him down, but they lost cause of that fumble at the end. The Giants can learn something form that game just HIT the quarterback EVERYTIME on that option offense.

      If RG3 cannot play against the Browns then that is a very winnable game for them. I can actually see them winning, Trent Richardson is a good runner and if he gets going and with that horrible secondary having to bring extra people in the box, it could be a long day for the Redskins.
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        Originally posted by Redeyejedi View Post
        Did he see RG3's MRI if he didnt he cant make statements like tnat
        why not? u look at the mri to diagnose the issue. the redskins have done that already and explained what is wrong with rg3. granted he doesnt know to what extent its injured, he was basically just explaining what is understood with a grade 1 lcl sprain.

        players tear their acls etc all the time and people arent checking their MRI's. its just understood what occurs after an acl tear. id agree if it was u or me saying this, but it was a qualified dr who has done work with lcls before and has knowledge of that particular injury. we'll see tho