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    Originally posted by Flip Empty View Post
    The Niners' actions are completely warranted. The guy is a malcontent - what are they supposed to do?
    agreed.....he ****ed himself by talking ****. If he didnt they couldnt have suspended him for detramentle behavior
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      Originally posted by Ladder27 View Post
      Some of the crap they are doing is just ******ed. here are links.

      I miss the big guy hope he some how finds his way home. He made one mistake leaving.
      I really liked the guy when he was here but he deserved to be suspended by the Niners. His actions were disruptive to the smooth running of the team. His negative comments about the Niners have been going on for most of the season. When he signed with them, he signed on to more loyatly than that. It is inappropriate to take a team's money then pine for your former employer.
      No one remembers who came in second.


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        Originally posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
        I think Harbaugh is overcoaching his team.

        For example, I don't see that Humperdink kid being a long term upgrade over Alex Smith.
        I thought the proper name was Capernicus.

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          Originally posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
          For example, I don't see that Humperdink kid being a long term upgrade over Alex Smith.


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            I like Brandon. But to be very honest with you I can't blame Harbaugh and the 49ers for how they are handling this situation. You don't air the teams dirty laundry for the whole world to see. If you have a beef with the coach or anyone, you deal with it behind closed doors with him and keep it there.

            BJ has done this before with the media. I remember last year when he made a remark about driving his fat car. The Giants knew how to deal with him. Harbaugh and the 49ers on the other hand doesn't have the patience for that. I know you're not happy about your playing time BJ, but you don't handle it this way.


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              We have seen players come and go over the past years, The favs always seem to be the ones who have shown loyalty and respect for our Giants. They know to "mind their manners".


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                Originally posted by ozzie0075 View Post
                From the 49ers perspective it makes sense to do what they are doing. Jacobs knowledge of their offense is more dangerous to them than what he can do on the field against them.
                So, what's stopping him then? Just because he isn't able to sign with us doesn't mean he can't still help.
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