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    Originally posted by Rodgers12 View Post
    I don't think he does. You guys just hate Rodgers cause he is a Packer. If he played on an AFC team you would like the guy. It's OK though I have read in the Green Bay newspaper that Rodgers dislikes the Giants alot. He just stated how they fake injuries and he was hoping we would play you guys in the postseason in Lambeau to get revenge. I have heard Antre Rolle talk about how great he is and Brandon Jacobs.
    No, I actually used to root for the Pack. I have nothing against them and don't hate teams based on rivalry outside of division opponents and even then I respect players that deserve respect. Like Demarcus Ware. He's a standup guy and I respect him and think he's humble and hard working. Rodgers just loves Rodgers unabashedly. If you don't see it I would venture to guess that's because its your team, but I'm not one to speculate as to why someone has the opinion they do.


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      Yikes! Rodgers and the Packers could not even dispatch the Niners.


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        Packers' D, my god.