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Don't Expect To See Nick Foles Or Michael Vick To Start For Chip Kelly

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  • Don't Expect To See Nick Foles Or Michael Vick To Start For Chip Kelly

    Excerpt: "If you were looking for Chip Kelly to declare who his starting quarterback was on his first full day on the job, then Thursday's press conference probably wasn't for you.

    But there were words to be parsed and phrasings to be speculated upon, and the general sense from this vantage point was that Kelly's starting quarterback for 2013 isn't likely on the current roster.

    "There is nothing that's on the board right now, there's nothing that's off the board now," Kelly said. "Our sole focus and goal is that we're going to put an offense on the field that's going to score points. . . . Whoever that is, I don't know."

    Kelly, officially introduced as the Eagles' 21st head coach on Thursday, had nice things to say about Michael Vick and Nick Foles. He didn't crown the veteran or the rookie as the franchise quarterback either.

    Neither Vick nor Foles is of that caliber, of course. The case once could be made that Vick was or potentially could be a franchise quarterback. He is slated to be paid like one. But the Eagles will certainly not pay Vick at his $15.5 million price tag next season." Read more...
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