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Cowboys Lack Personnel Upfront To Successfully Run Monte Kiffin's 4-3 Defense

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  • Cowboys Lack Personnel Upfront To Successfully Run Monte Kiffin's 4-3 Defense

    Excerpt: "On if the Cowboys have the personnel to run the 4-3 defense:
    “If you look at the Cowboys and how they are built right now, a team that ran the 3-4, a team that mostly has linebackers right now, no up front. They really need to decide right now if they’re going to have DeMarcus Ware put his hand down as a defensive end or if he’s going to be standing up because it’s going to be critical against the run or trying to generate pressure against the quarterback. I think at the linebacker position, they are sitting pretty good when they get Sean Lee back. I think he’s a guy in the Derrick Brooks mold that can cover the whole field. I think that young secondary with (Morris) Claiborne and those guys is going to be pretty good. Up front is the only place that concerns me right now.” Read more...
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    I think the Cowboys are better off in a 4-3 than the title seems to imply. Brown actually seems like he realizes they're fine in most areas,.

    It's funny that everyone is freaking out about Ware possibly being a DE and whether it will work or not, but 1.) I don't think it's a given that Ware is on the team next year and 2.) Most of Dallas' DL would probably be suited better for the 4-3, seeing how undersized they were for the 4-3... not to mention, Ryan gave some 4-3 looks over the course of his tenure here.

    The biggest thing to be concerned about is how Kiffin will have his corners play and what will the Cowboys do at the S position.