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Steve Spannuolo A Fit As Eagles' DC

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  • Steve Spannuolo A Fit As Eagles' DC

    Excerpt: "Steve Spagnuolo's available. The Eagles (at least officially) don't have a defensive coordinator yet. Naturally, at least some Eagles fans are intrigued about a possible reunion with the Jim Johnson protege.

    The question isn't whether he can coach. The Giants won a Super Bowl just five years ago with him running their defense. Obviously, he's good enough to win with as defensive coordinator.

    The question is whether he's a good fit with Chip Kelly and the Eagles. Let's take a look." Read more...
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    Lol that would be hilarious to see...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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      "just five years ago".

      "just"? Five years is an eternity in football, Spagnuolo is not who he was five years ago.


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        I personally would like to see the Eagles attempt to switch to the 3-4 opposed to try and field any semblance to Jim Johnson's zone blitz.