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The NFL Is Not Too Big To Fail

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  • The NFL Is Not Too Big To Fail

    Excerpt: "Fear the lawyers.

    If the NFL disappears 30 years from now, as Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard predicts, less violence won't be the reason. Nor will it be decreased participation due to parental fears of injury that had even President Obama pondering what he'd do if he had a son.
    No, it will be the mass tort lawyers whose lawsuits have inspired "dangerous when hot" on coffee cups, "may irritate eyes" on pepper spray canisters, "caution -- risk of fire" on fire logs and other nonsensical warnings that threaten the NFL most.

    Indeed, the concussion lawsuit filed by more than 3,000 former NFL players may bring radical changes to football from pee-wees to pros.
    Higher insurance premiums if the ex-players win the suit could end youth football. Look for a "Friday Night Lights" blackout, with only private high schools surviving with $20 tickets. Smaller colleges could stop playing. If football revenues drop, other sports disappear, too.The pros will have a smaller, less experienced player pool, diluting the product.
    Combined with increased safety measures, less violence and poorer play will turn off fans.

    The NFL's demise can happen. You don't see Roman gladiators around anymore. Boxing and horse racing, which once ruled the sports landscape 60 years ago, now barely have a pulse." Read more...
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    No one and no system is so big that it can't fail. History has proven that to us time, and time, and time again.
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