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Chris Culliver won't accept openly gay 49er.

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    Originally posted by PBTimmons View Post
    Guys, I looked further into this and found out that the comments by Culiver were said on Artie Lange's radio show. He baited him into all of this. Of course none of that would be mentioned by the chicken **** reporters that are trying to make a name for themselves.
    How do you "bait" someone into being against having a gay teammate.


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      Originally posted by slipknottin View Post
      How do you "bait" someone into being against having a gay teammate.
      Clearly I've touched a nerve with you or something. But do you even know who Artie Lange is? Hes practically a Howard Stern heir and if you read the transcript you will take the same thing away. Baited on a radio show.

      How many times do you hear players say things they otherwise wouldn't while on a radio show? Hello? Rolle!

      Also, I'm not making an excuse for this guy. He said what he meant and now he has to deal with the fallout. But it's not like Culliver is some kid's hero or anything. He's a backup for the 49ers which is why he was on Artie Lange's pathetic excuse for a show.


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        Culliver isn't a backup. He is their nickel corner. He plays like 50% of the defensive snaps.

        I just fail to see how a reporter can bait a guy into saying what he said. Are you saying he got him to admit it? Ok


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          Originally posted by TCHOF View Post
          Do you know any hetero dude, who could get the kind of girls that this guy could get, who would have a girlfriend of 3 years that he called the "love of my life", who he never saw much less took for a test drive?
          It would be one thing if Manti Te'o was a nerdy fatass like me, but he's not...

          I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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            Culliver is their best CB too if you take PFF and Football Outsiders statistics with a grain of salt. For his own sake, he's seen as a backup and no one will really care enough for anything significant to happen.