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Troy Aikman: Cowboys Need To Start Looking For Tony Romio's Replacement

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  • Troy Aikman: Cowboys Need To Start Looking For Tony Romio's Replacement

    Excerpt: "Troy Aikman has been a loyal Tony Romo supporter for several years. The Hall of Fame quarterback and current FOX NFL analyst is rarely critical of the current Dallas Cowboys signal caller and says Romo is still the right guy for the franchise.

    But with Romo turning 33 in April, Aikman said Thursday that it would be a good idea for his former team to start looking for their quarterback of the future, possibly even in this year’s NFL Draft.
    “I like the way the Packers did it for all those years,” Aikman said on, answering a question sent in to the show by “To bring a guy in, essentially every season, whether you draft him in the fourth round, or fifth round, or third round, whatever it might be, I think there’s something to be said for that.

    “I don’t think they need another quarterback, to make that clear, but because of Tony’s age, they certainly have to start addressing who the guy is going to be that comes in after him. If there’s a guy that they can pick up and maybe develop in the third, fourth round, I think that’s a real positive thing for them.” Read more...
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    I think Troy is a class act. Truly a legend in terms of the Cowboys franchise and he still gracefully approaches a typically bitter subject. I wish we could get the same from some former Giants, but that's apparently the exception with our former players.