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CAP Crunch Will Highlight Cash Gap Between Classes Of NFL Players

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  • CAP Crunch Will Highlight Cash Gap Between Classes Of NFL Players

    Excerpt: "This year, the increase will be modest again, despite past claims from the NFLPA that cap growth will not be primarily flat. And that has spawned a new argument from the union and some agents: The cap doesn’t matter and teams who want to spend will find a way to spend.

    It’s accurate, to an extent. A fairly hard cap remains in place. While it’s possible to spend cash above the cap in any given year, every dollar given to a player must eventually be accounted for under the cap. And with the cap not going up very much, more and more teams are in cap crunches every year — something that rarely happened under the 2006 CBA.

    The next argument is that teams can create cap space if they want to. And that’s entirely accurate. As long as teams are willing to squeeze certain players with existing contracts to take less money, to shift their money around, or to cut veteran players prematurely.

    In other words, teams are now actually robbing Peter to pay Paul, with “Peter” being a guy who once was “Paul,” and “Paul” being a guy who may eventually be “Peter.” The process will further highlight the gap between a small handful of star players who will have enormous payouts and cap numbers and the collection of players who actually play in games but who get far less money." Read more...
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    Good article... but am I the only person who saw Cap Crunch and visualized something completely different?


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      NFLPA what the heck were they thinking. Oh well and so it goes. Cap going up about 6% year not enough I would think.
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