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Red Flag Rule To Be Tweaked

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  • Red Flag Rule To Be Tweaked

    Excerpt: "The Texans-Lions game on Thanksgiving had everything. Included a horrible call that led to a long touchdown run that wasn’t reviewed via replay because Detroit coach Jim Schwartz threw the red challenge flag when he shouldn’t have thrown it.

    The blunder arose from a rule that penalizes a coach who has the nerve to ask for a replay review when he’s already entitled to get one. And the penalty for improper use of the red flag is more than the yardage marked off after a yellow one is thrown.

    Under current rules, if a coach asks for a review in a situation where review is automatic (i.e., scoring plays, turnovers, final two minutes of either half, overtime), the review doesn’t happen.
    The Competition Committee plans to recommend that the owners change that rule when they meet next month in Arizona." Read more...
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    Same article - "Packers coach Mike McCarthy threw the flag on a scoring play during a Week 17 game against the Vikings. Receiver Jordy Nelson quickly picked it up, and the officials looked the other way."

    Granted, that rule does need logical correction.

    But it's just the Lions. The Lions get screwed constantly by rules, blunders, or whatever reason because they are viewed as a losing football team and a losing franchise beacuse they've been losing for so long and that's what happens. No one outside the team really cares about their games or if they lose yet another game. It'll be better for the Lions if they just asked Goodell to remind the refs to be a bit more focused in their games on a weekly basis.
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      Should this rule change be called the "Jim Schwartz (is an idiot)" rule?

      I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.