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Cribbs Admits Tampering Is Happening

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  • Cribbs Admits Tampering Is Happening

    Excerpt: "It’s an open secret in the NFL. Tampering has been and will continue to occur regarding the class of upcoming free agents.

    It was rampant in Indianapolis, and it will surely continue until March 9, when the new three-day tampering window opens.
    The problem with tampering being so blatant is that players don’t always realize that they should ix-nay the ampering-tay talk.

    Browns receiver Josh Cribbs has admitted to ESPN Radio Cleveland that tampering is indeed happening.
    “My agent has been meeting with several different teams,” Cribbs said. “There is a lot of interest. There are already numbers brought to the table. Things are happening. Wheels are turning behind closed doors

    There’s a reason those doors are closed, Josh."
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    I guess some soon-to-be unrestricted free agents are getting an early start in figuring out their market value, which is ultimately their right anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if some of their agents started back in December when some teams ended their season.