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Kraft Insists Brady Deal Won't Be Re-Done

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  • Kraft Insists Brady Deal Won't Be Re-Done

    Excerpt: "The backlash surely was stronger than the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady had anticipated. Via carefully leaked partial details, Brady’s new contract was sold as a team-first gesture by a player who had opted to take less.

    Initially, it worked. To the casual fan (and to the zealous fan with only a casual knowledge of how NFL contracts work), news of the three-year, $27 million extension that cleared $15 million in cap space over the next two years created the unmistakable impression that Brady was taking less — not only in the future, but now.

    The full truth, which emerged one day (and, in today’s world, multiple news cycles) later, told a different story. Instead of earning $30 million over the next two years, Brady will be getting $30 million right now, along with an extra $3 million. As a result, Brady and the Patriots quickly were criticized by many for trying to pull a fast one in the characterization of the contract.

    Yes, Brady eventually will be taking less starting in 2015, when his compensation will be $7 million. But few believe that, if Brady is playing at a high level, the deal will be honored as written.
    Patriots owner Robert Kraft insists that it will be.

    No, no, no,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft told Peter King of Sports Illustratedregarding the possibility of another new contract. “This is a real deal. Look at our track record. We don’t do fake deals. The contract we have with Tom Brady is a real contract we will both live by.”

    The problem for the Patriots is that, if Brady continues to play at a high level over the next two years and the deal isn’t reworked, suspicions will persist that Kraft and Brady likewise brokered a wink-nod side deal that will kick in once Brady’s career ends. The fact that Kraft laid out this contract directly with Brady on a long plane flight, bypassing agent Don Yee, will serve only to increase those suspicions." Read more...
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