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Danny Woodhead is a Charger

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  • Danny Woodhead is a Charger

    Hold up, getting the article.

    The Patriots held onto cornerback Kyle Arrington, but another one of the team’s free agents has flown the coop.

    Mike Reiss of reports that running back Danny Woodhead has agreed to terms on a two-year contract with the Chargers. He’ll join Ryan Mathews in the Chargers backfield and, if past usage is any indication, he’ll also play a role as a receiver for Philip Rivers. If things work out perfectly, he’ll give San Diego’s offense some of what they’ve missed since Darren Sproles left for New Orleans and provide new head coach Mike McCoy with a versatile weapon on offense.

    New England was thought to have some interest in a Woodhead return, but the addition of Leon Washington might have taken up the roster spot and role that Woodhead filled in recent seasons. With Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen also in New England, heading to San Diego probably offered Woodhead a shot at more playing time anyway in 2013.

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    And people on here thought we had a chance at him. Lol
    Football has been very, very good to us.
    After losing seasons 2013-15, the giants put up 11 wins in 16.. they are on way Back
    But for now we can console ourselves with this fact-

    # of Super Bowl victories since 1985:

    1-Chicago, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle
    2-Washington, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore
    3-San Francisco, Dallas, Denver
    4-New York Giants!!!
    Let's make it 5 in 2016 so we can be on a LINE NE again!!!

    ***Stat provided by "Schloss22"***


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      He's to small anyway we need a big power back. Besides everytime he scratches his head he gets splinters.



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        Fixing AJ Smith's errors, finally. Sproles should never have been allowed to leave. Woodhead should provide them with a similar threat out of the backfield.

        Now, if only they could get Drew Brees and Vincent Jackson back...