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Huge Paydays In The NFL Not Always What They Seem

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  • Huge Paydays In The NFL Not Always What They Seem

    Excerpt: "NFL contracts can be a tricky and complicated matter.

    When taken at their maximum values, contracts can sometimes cause fans to ponder what the heck some of these clubs are up to. But lest we forget, salaries are by and large not guaranteed. Once you parse through the language regarding bonuses and guaranteed payments and up-front money, you can peel back the onion some.
    Some of these deals, when reduced to the minimum -- the least spending that a team would be committed to make -- are entirely different in scope. Not to say that's a bad thing, because some of these players reached monster paydays. But as we get deeper into the free-agency period, the actual money that will definitely go to these players by and large dries up even more, and many of these contracts aren't truly what they seem.

    The Patriots were getting savaged by some for "only" offering Wes Welker a two-year, $10 million deal, but the reality is Welker's $12 million contract in Denver could be as little as a one-year, $6 million deal the way the contract is constructed. Welker's 2014 compensation is not fully guaranteed unless he is on the roster next March (and while we all assume he will be, crazy things can happen in a year).
    So, with that in mind, perhaps some will see why the Ravens didn't value an also-aging Anquan Boldin at $6 million per year. And, in general, outside of Mike Wallace (whose deal at a minimum is a whopping $30 million for two years), receivers aren't commanding near what many expected." Read more...
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