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Does Spending Money In Free Agency Lead To Success

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  • Does Spending Money In Free Agency Lead To Success

    Excerpt: "The Miami Dolphins started free agency 2013 off with a bang when they locked up wide receiver Mike Wallace on Tuesday. Then they proceeded to keep spending. And spending.

    Following the Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson moves on Friday, we're ready to call this race after less than a week: No team is going to out-spend the Dolphins this offseason. They are the "Offseason Champs."
    But does getting fans excited in March help in December?We decided to look back at the last five years of free-agent frenzy "winners" and see how much that money helped. This is far from a scientific study, but Dolphins fans may not want to read ahead." Read more...
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    It may not lead to success, but the players certainly don't mind taking the cash.

    If you thought K. Phillips to the Eagles was bad, Packer Nation got their rude awakening.

    WR Greg Jennings signed with the Vikings, 5-year deal $47.5 million, $12 million guaranteed. Is Ponder better than Rodgers? Heck no and it's just all about $$$.