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OSI already in love with ATL

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    late breaking news!!

    Osi spotted at a Atlanta Hawks game..


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      [/QUOTE] I'd bet Abraham had a better year


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        When you are talking with the media of your new team, I'm guessing it's a good idea to say nice things about them.


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          I don't have any issue with Osi making the statement about them being the most talented team he has ever been around. I also think he comes back with his head on staraight and has a real good year over there. I wish Osi Umenyora the very best.


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            Originally posted by Rudyy View Post
            WHAT SHOULD WE DO???!!!!!
            Bring in Abraham on a cheap deal to rush the passer ? He will probably get more sacks than Osi does this year.

            He might be able to get a good deal though sInce Freeney has lost his mind making Abraham is the best DE on the market. If Freeney comes back to earth it is a different story.


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              All I know is that the other teams in the NFL south are going to run right at him until he does something about it the same way the NFC east teams did in recent years.

              I love what he did for us, but it is time to shore up our run defense too since we now have so many good backs in the NFC east.


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                Give him until next year and the headlines will be much different from and about him. Before the season starts he'll be b*tching about his contract and how he deserves more $$


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                  Originally posted by nycsportzfan View Post
                  who cares?

                  Originally posted by Drez View Post
                  Unless you're his ex-lover, stop acting like you've been personally jilted.
                  LOL, this


                  Thank You Osi for your contributions and 2 Super Bowl wins as a Giant.

                  Now, you're no longer a Giant and so we must bid you adieu.

                  Onward to new things Giants-related.

                  NFL Championships : 1927 1934 1938 1956 Super Bowl Champions: XXI XXV XLII XLVI


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                    Time for the board to be OSI FREE!
                    Forget the Past, Live for the Future!


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                      Originally posted by gfanblue View Post
                      Read today, forget where, but he called the Acklanta Facklons the MOST talented team he's probably ever been around. Really dude??? Two rings in five seasons with NY and THEY'RE the talented ones? I think it was on wall street journal online or fox sport. Either way, don't let the door knob hit you on the way out.
                      this info has already been posted
                      Football has been very, very good to us.
                      After losing seasons 2013-15, the giants put up 11 wins in 16.. they are on way Back
                      But for now we can console ourselves with this fact-

                      # of Super Bowl victories since 1985:

                      1-Chicago, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle
                      2-Washington, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore
                      3-San Francisco, Dallas, Denver
                      4-New York Giants!!!
                      Let's make it 5 in 2016 so we can be on a LINE NE again!!!

                      ***Stat provided by "Schloss22"***


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                        He must really like Atlanta. Same thread like 5 million times on this message board. DO you people ever read?

                        And who cares? He likes Atlanta... my goodness, such a sin to humanity.