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My views on possible directions the NFL could be headed...

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  • My views on possible directions the NFL could be headed...

    (This started as a response to the Aaron Rodgers thread, but I realized I had completely digressed from that topic by the first paragraph)...

    Honestly I think after a few years, this new CBA will actually bring the superstars back to earth. The details regarding wage scales mean that rookies can be paid a hell of a lot less now, while vet min for someone in the league for 10 years is almost 1 million. One of the effects is that QB careers will be a lot shorter on average, and that rookies and younger QBs will become the prized possession. QBs will be more likely to skip town after their rookie deals in search of that big payday, and will end up taking a contract on an underperforming team, and while they will improve the team somewhat, will not make them a contender alone. Eventually they will shuffle out of the league for the next crop of rookies.

    We're seeing this now, with teams like the Niners, Skins, Seahawks, etc... Those teams can afford to pay more talent in other areas because their QBs are all on their rookie deals. Once those deals are up for renewal, you're going to either see those QBs leave for greener pastures, or their teams jettison a lot of quality players into the FA pool or trades to renew those QB contracts.

    The older QBs still in the league will be more concerned about winning. Maybe some can play on the level of those younger superstars, but will not necessarily have the same mentality. Brady took a paycut to try and help the team get more talent around him, but that's because he's more concerned about wins than money. Eli has mentioned he would be willing to work something out if asked. These types realize what's going on around them, and are looking out for their teams, or at the very least additional hardware for themselves.

    The next effect down the line is that QB scouting will become much more critical than before. Because teams will be starting their rookie QBs a lot earlier than before (a trend that is already happening), GMs need to pick QBs that will be ready to run a pro offense. Of course, with the fewer padded practices in the CBA, you might see more college-style gameplans coming to the NFL (another trend that is starting to happen with all the option plays that happened last year).

    Another effect, which we're seeing now, is that the FA market is drying up in general. As teams are starting to let a lot of quality players go to get under the cap, supply of players is going up and demand down. It's really a buyer's market out there for the GMs, and the good ones will get the best bang for their buck. Look at how Reese was able to plug just about every hole in our roster with a body, when we didn't have one lick of cap space available going into the offseason. Maybe not the best players ever by any stretch, but players nonetheless. Overall, the GMs that are more patient in searching for good bargains will ultimately put together better teams than the ones that bite quickly at overpriced deals...

    Just my undergraduate understanding of macroeconomics applied to football... of course the available cap could all of a sudden skyrocket a few years down the line or an amendment to the CBA could be negotiated, so none of this is set in stone.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    sounds like the word parity, which in my mind the NFL has the most parity as compared to the MLB or the NBA.

    I do think the CBA agreement regarding the rookie salary is fair though. I think the NBA handles rookie salaries the best though. Let the player established their market value based upon their play on the field BEFORE they rake in the major chips.

    Since replacing Accorsi, JR gets a solid B or at worse a B- overall. One thing he does manage to do is address the "needs" over the "sexy splash picks."

    The League and definitely our Conference has experienced a bump in mobile athletic QBs and in effect the read-option, like the wildcat before it, appears to be the new flavor. Along with that the explosive high-powered Passing Offenses are also on an upswing.

    To me this will affect how Defenses are comprised and the how scheming will have to adjust to meet the demands of a truly spread offense with slashing and misdirecting components.

    This is definitely not the Football I grew up with circa 80s through most of the 90s...

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