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Anybody want to give feedback on my new NFL stats site?

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  • Anybody want to give feedback on my new NFL stats site?

    First post. Giants fan since 1989 (would have been sooner but I was oblivious at that age to sports and other things).

    I built the site to help me predict game scores. It was easier for me to estimate game stats but I was horrible at predicting scores. So I built a machine learning algorithm to help me with it.

    After I built it I thought it would be interesting to go back to some memorable older games and change the stats to see what could have been. Next week I'm putting in the schedule for the 2013 schedule so you can predict the next season's games.

    I didn't build it to make money, more for my own amusement and academic interests.

    I've got some time to improve it between now and the beginning of the season so I'd love any feedback from you guys.

    Main page:

    SBXLVI: Date=2012-02-05

    SBXLII: Date=2008-02-03



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    I'm in bio class right now but once I'm out I'll check it out and give you my view on the site. Congrats on the site and goodluck btw!
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      Looks pretty cool but the statistics thing confuses me a little, just the way it's handled I guess.

      I also suggest you add a little chat room or comments board on the site, would be cool to see people share info.


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        This is interesting. The next time I use the bathroom ill check read it a little more closely